Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing is an essential component of any business model. It encompasses any activity that leads to an exchange. In your business it’s important to have both strategy and a plan to accomplish your goals.

Marketing strategy: A marketing strategy explains the goals and objectives behind your marketing efforts, Your strategy and business goals go hand-in-hand, a relationship that explains the “What” and “Why” of your marketing activities.

Marketing plan: A marketing plan explains how your marketing activities will be used to achieve your business goals. It documents the application of your strategy and how certain marketing tactics can bring you from Point A to Point B.

This document will help you understand the marketing mix and considerations you should take when making marketing decisions: What is Marketing?

The videos below will help you gain familiarity with terms and concepts that will help you in marketing your business.

The Marketing Mix

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Value Proposition

Customer Personas

Creating a Content Calendar

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